What Are the Aims of Solid Rock Reasons?

Solid Rock Reasons’ chief aim is to assist young-adult Christians in negotiating many of the intellectual challenges to their faith, which they are likely to encounter at universities, in the workplace, and in the larger marketplace of ideas. The “primary” audience for this ministry is Christ-followers who: 1) are concerned about such intellectual challenges, 2) desireto prepare responses to such intellectual challenges, and 3) wish to introduce those responses while sharing Christian truth claims within their spheres of influence. Our approach emphasizes the necessity of grounding faith objectively (as a corrective to the notion that faith is, largely, subjective).

  • Being Christian in College Can Be Challenging

The existence of student-led campus ministries, confirm that college and university campuses are a mission field that is ripe for spiritual harvest. Many people become Christians while in college. Our time in college can be the most fruitful period of our Christian lives (in terms of the number of opportunities for regularly and naturally exchanging ideas about faith); that is, before we enter the busyness of post-college life. For many, life on the college campus represents a time and place where Christians are most excited, energized, and engaged with these issues.

The college campus can also be one of the most dangerous of times and places, where many unsuspecting Christians fall victim to the massive wave of ideas that run counter to their Christian convictions. As young Christians encounter these ideas, they find it difficult to cope and often become casualties of intellectual war. The notion that the average Christian is “safe” in college is vastly mistaken. The only “safe space” in college, it seems, is the one where Christian perspectives are not allowed.

  • Some Ideas Are Difficult to Overcome

Yes, ideas have consequences. Some of them are emotionally and spiritually devastating for young believers. For these reasons, we believe “Sideline Christianity” is not an appropriate option for addressing the current stream of ideas that are advanced through institutions of higher learning. We cannot afford to ignore the challenging perspectives that compete for the hearts and minds of young people. Instead, we must become more proactive, responsive and engaged if we are to meet those intellectual challenges head on. The net benefit is building up strong believers so they can reach others with the saving message of Christ.

  • We Are Here To Help

The ministry model of Solid Rock Reasons consists of “Discipleship through Apologetics (the term is explained below).” The content of which is designed to motivate young ambassadors for Christ to adopt the qualities mentioned above:

  • Helping Christians construct a positive case for historic truth-claims (Proactive).
  • Sourcing answers to critical questions regarding Christian beliefs (Responsive).
  • Encouraging respectful interaction with others when sharing Christ (Engaged).

The founding principles of Solid Rock Reasons hinge upon two pivotal passages in Scripture: The first is: “…on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” Mt 16:18 (ESV).  The second is: “…but in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect…”  1 Pet 3:15 (ESV).

Taken together, for our purposes, Christians may rest assured that Christ is the foundation of the Church (i.e., He is the Solid Rock) upon which the Church stands. Further, intellectual attacks deployed against it, and questions asked about it will not ultimately erode its foundation. God has given us tools to respond rationally to these ideas (with Reasons). Finally, this ministry philosophy represents what Solid Rock Reasons is attempting to accomplish as we encourage and equip young believers. We trust that you will pray, with us, to this end.

For Christ and His Kingdom,

Ibrahim Inuwa, co-founder of the Solid Rock Reasons (Apologetics) Ministry and host of the “Solid Rock Reasons” Show Subscribe by Email

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