Solid Rock Reasons urges Christians to consider the reasonableness of Christian truth-claims, and the notion that “Believing Without Seeing is Not Believing Without Reasons” (cf. John 20:29).

The Vision of Solid Rock Reasons is: “To see more Christians becoming informed, equipped and engaged disciples of Christ.”

The Mission of Solid Rock Reasons is:

1) Informing believers of the major teachings and truth-claims of Christianity,

2) Equipping believers to respond to questions or objections that challenge belief, and

3) Encouraging Christians to become engaged in reaching the world for Christ.

This approach to Christian discipleship emphasizes the necessity of grounding faith objectively (as a corrective to the notion that faith is, largely, an exercise merely in subjective belief or wishful thinking).

Christ’s earliest and most devoted followers bore witness to their belief in the central truth-claims of Christianity, based on the “real life” occurrence of events mentioned in the New Testament. Chief among them were: the incarnation, crucifixion, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

We trust that this ministry of discipleship through apologetics will provide encouragement as you follow Christ.