Vision & Mission

Solid Rock Reasons urges Christians to consider the reasonableness of Christian truth-claims, and the notion that “Believing Without Seeing is Not Believing Without Reasons” (cf. John 20:29).

The Vision of Solid Rock Reasons is: “To see more Christians becoming informed, equipped and engaged disciples of Christ.”

The Mission of Solid Rock Reasons is:

1) Informing believers of the major teachings and truth-claims of Christianity,

2) Equipping believers to respond to questions or objections that challenge belief, and

3) Encouraging Christians to become engaged in reaching the world for Christ.

Emphasis is placed on the objective basis of faith as an alternative to the view that Christian beliefs result from wishful thinking.

If Christianity’s central beliefs stem from Christ’s words, his works, and from his “historical” resurrection, then we may rightly conclude that Christian faith is reasonable, and therefore worthy of our commitment. Conversely, if such experiences were not “real-life” occurrences, (i.e., merely imagined) then Christianity would not be worth believing.

Scholarly research continues to uncover data showing that Christian beliefs are grounded in Jesus’ life, teachings, words, works, deity, death, and physical resurrection.

On this basis Christian faith is, in fact, reasonable and worthy of our belief.

We trust that this ministry of discipleship through apologetics will be encouraging to you as you follow Christ.