Worldview Resources




Discipleship training that emphasizes knowing what we believe, and why we believe it, requires study of Scripture and exposure to other works that can help to explain some of the more difficult aspects of Christian truth-claims. Those who wish to obtain additional training, which concerns intellectually-defending Christian truth-claims, can benefit from more focused study of materials that address challenges to Christian belief through providing some responses to those challenges.

Below are some of the types of materials that can help train you for understanding the issues and enable you to navigate through them.


Craig, William Lane, A Reasonable Response: Answers to Tough Questions on God, Christianity, and the Bible.

Craig, William Lane, On Guard: Defending Your Faith with Reason and Precision.

Craig, and J. P. Moreland, Philosophical Foundations for a Christian Worldview.

Craig, William Lane, Reasonable Faith: Christian Truth and Apologetics.

Geisler, Norman, Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics.

Geisler, Norman and Frank Turek, I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist.

Koukle, Greg, Tactics: A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions.

Moreland, J. P. Scaling the Secular City.

Pearcey, Nancy, Total Truth: Liberating Christianity from It’s Cultural Captivity.

Wallace, J. Warner, Cold Case Christianity.

Wallace, J. Warner, Forensic Faith.

Wallace, J. Warner, God’s Crime Scene.

Sproul, R. C. Defending Your Faith.


Focus on the Family, “The Truth Project” Small Group Curriculum

Gonzalez, Guillermo and Jay Richards, The Privileged Planet: How Our Place in the Cosmos Is Designed for Discovery, (Discovery Institute).

Meyer, Stephen, TrueU “Does God Exist?” (Discovery Institute).


*Some people may be concerned that there are not any skeptical materials listed here. Not to worry, I will mention such materials on the Solid Rock Reasons Podcast, or the blog, but within the context of addressing specific arguments advanced in such materials.

**Listing of resources does not constitute a wholesale endorsement of every view advanced by each of the authors.

(List of resources will be updated on an ongoing basis).