Letter to Friends of Solid Rock Reasons

Dear Friends of Solid Rock Reasons,

First, allow me to thank you for not giving up on this ministry. Secondly, allow me to explain what has been among the chief “show stoppers,” i.e., issues that have delayed the progress of the ministry. Two words, work, and seminary. Need I say more? For your benefit, I will say more.

When I first embarked upon this ministry, I had no clue how much work it would involve! I thought it would be something that I could do in my “spare time.” But, at this stage of my life, spare time does not exist. Between my day job, part-time-cleaning business, and graduate studies, this ministry has not been able to make a “clean start.”

The mechanics behind a ministry such as this can be complex, to say the least. There are lots of moving parts, such as web development, equipment selection and configuration, show prep, recording space acoustics challenges, audio recording challenges, (coupled with the need for compliance with US and international broadcast loudness standards), editing recorded and written materials and publishing that content; security infrastructure considerations, content planning and program management, just to name a few. I find that the more multitasking that I attempt to do, the less effective I am at doing any one project.

Though it has been a rocky experience, including a few “false starts,” the important lesson that I am learning is that as long as this work is committed to the Lord, it is not ultimately in our hands to “make it happen.” Much of the delay has been the result of “not” trying to “make it happen.” As such, the correct motivations are in place and God will see it through, in His timing.

There is a tremendous learning curve and a significant work load; all of which require thoughtfulness and time to implement. Would I have done things differently had I known in advance what obstacles lay in my path? Perhaps. Would it have been better not to have “gone live” with the web site and podcast until after having done all of the behind-the-scenes work? Certainly. However, on the flip side, if I had done that then the ministry would not likely have gotten off of the ground. Please know that we think of you often and appreciate your prayers. We look forward to serving the body of Christ through this ministry. We solicit your continual prayers for the reach and effectiveness of this effort.

For Christ and His Kingdom,

Ibrahim Inuwa, Co-Founder of Solid Rock Reasons, & Host of the Solid Rock Reasons Show…coming soon to a podcast player near you.