About Solid Rock Reasons

Tell Us About Solid Rock Reasons

Solid Rock Reasons is a media-based ministry geared toward discipleship through apologetics. [*]

What Is Your Ministry Approach? Discussing and defending the claim that faith is reasonable.

What Is Your Ministry Motto? “Believing Without Seeing Is Not Believing Without Reasons.”

What Is Your Target Audience? (1) Young Christians interested in equipping themselves for presenting a reasonable case for Christianity’s central truth-claims; (2) Christians who have sincere questions, doubts or objections concerning core Christian beliefs; (3) Anyone exploring the intersection of (Christian) faith and reason. 

Spoiler Alert! While Solid Rock Reasons cannot replace personal Bible study, we trust that this ministry will be a supplement to your learning about Christ, as you live for Christ.

“For Christ and His Kingdom”

Blessings to you all,

Ibrahim Inuwa, Founder of Solid Rock Reasons & Host of the “Solid Rock Reasons” Show (Coming Soon…in mid-2019).

[*] “Apologetics” derives from a Greek word meaning: to “make a defense” or to “give an answer” (see 1 Peter 3:15). It’s primary context involves Peter’s insistence that first century Christians offer reasons for their “hope” in Christ, in the midst of persecution and wrongful accusations. In modern times, we seek to offer reasons for our belief in Christ (and in Christianity’s central teachings) in the face of opposing views; and in a fashion that exudes Christian character.