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Misunderstanding the Resurrection of Christ Can Prove Devastating to One’s Life and Theology

Paul’s inference in 1 Corinthians 15:14-19 highlights the fact that the doctrine of the Resurrection is an essential element, indeed, it is the bedrock of our core body of Christian belief. It is the glue that ties everything together. Indeed, a misunderstanding of the nature of the resurrection as taught in the New Testament (i.e., as literal and physical) can have potentially devastating implications for one’s life and theology.

I believe much of the reason why many young professing Christian students go astray (in terms of their commitment to formally held Christian beliefs) is due in part to a lack of confidence in the truth of the resurrection of Christ. This is often the result of many works that have been written which undermine belief in the resurrection. And it is in no small part due to the constant barrage of critical messaging found on the Internet.

Christians who lack confidence in the central truth claims of Christianity are bound to have a life of emptiness and a lack of usefulness in Christ’s kingdom. Unfortunately, such skepticism, has become so prolific in today’s culture, that many young professing Christians end up succumbing to the same skepticism and making ship wreck of their lives spiritually, and sometimes practically.

In our present academic environment where “anything goes, as long as it does not claim to be supernatural” we would do well (at the start) to guard against misunderstandings of the nature of the resurrection and not to react so quickly to skeptical views regarding this central teaching within the body of  Christian belief.

Continue to hold forth the banner of truth regarding the need for a biblical understanding of the resurrection of Christ.



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By Ibrahim Inuwa

Ibrahim has a passion for encouraging Christians, wishing to become better informed, equipped, and engaged Christ-followers; able to make a reasonable case for the central truth-claims of Christianity.

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