Hi Friends,

Many of today’s young believers struggle with doubts. What is more, the sources of doubt are growing rapidly. i.e., in homes, in classrooms, and in the workplace. One of the best ways of dealing with doubts is to face them head on. But young people need resources and guidance in order to do so.

Solid Rock Reasons, and other like-minded ministries can help. We are committed to informing, equipping, and encouraging young people to become engaged followers of Christ.

Our ministry involves: 1) informing young believers of the major teachings and truth-claims of Christianity and 2) equipping them to respond to questions and objections that challenge their faith. All the while, we encourage these courageous Christians to become engaged in reaching the world for Christ.

Many of today’s young believers want to make an impact in their spheres of influence.  We are helping them to do just that. As we invest in their lives, they will gain many tools that will prepare them to engage in reaching the world for Christ.

Thank you for praying both for us and for those to whom we minister.

Yours, In Christ

Ibrahim Inuwa, Founder of Solid Rock Reasons