What is Solid Rock Reasons All About?

Solid Rock Reasons is a media-based ministry geared toward “discipleship through apologetics,” [*] whose approach is discussing and defending the claim that faith is reasonable.

This ministry will appeal to: (1) Christians who struggle with intellectual doubts; (2) Christians desiring to develop an intellectually-robust faith that can withstand various objections to Christian truth-claims; (3) Christians who share Christ with non-Christians, and (4) anyone interested in learning why faith in Christ “makes sense.”

Spoiler Alert! Solid Rock Reasons is not a substitute for your own Bible study! But prayerfully this ministry will assist in your learning about Christ, as you live for Christ.

“For Christ and His Kingdom”

Blessings to you all,

Ibrahim Inuwa, Founder of Solid Rock Reasons & Host of the Solid Rock Reasons Show

[*] “Apologetics” derives from a Greek word meaning: to “make a defense” or to “give an answer.” (see 1 Peter 3:15).