General Apologetics Resurrection of Christ

Misunderstanding the Resurrection of Christ Can Prove Devastating to One’s Life and Theology

Paul’s inference in 1 Corinthians 15:14-19 highlights the fact that the doctrine of the Resurrection is an essential element, indeed, it is the bedrock of our core body of Christian belief. It is the glue that ties everything together.

Faith and Reason

Dealing With Doubts

Hello Friends,

It’s not surprising that many of today’s Christians struggle with doubts about whether Christianity is worth believing. We live in a culture that offers a diverse and constant stream of objections to Christianity. Whether on TV, online, through social media, at work, at universities, there is no shortage of material that is seemingly bent toward challenging the core beliefs of Christianity. It is no wonder that so many Christians struggle with doubt. 

Doubt can stunt our spiritual growth, and suppress our motivation for standing up for Christ in front of our peers. If we are not confident that what we claim to believe is true (or, at least, that our beliefs are reasonable) why would we share them with someone else? Doubt must be dealt with responsibly and not ignored, or else it will fester and lead to worsening doubt.

Therefore, take initiative, ask questions, and gain perspective so that you can get through troubling episodes of doubt.